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10Ten Media x Hearst Specials

Photo Research

When Hearst Magazines needed a high-quality, cost-effective way to produce single-topic print publications, it turned to 10Ten Media. Their lineup covered a wide range of topics from cooking to science to music. Creative Director, Ian Knowles reached out to GVO to help resource a photo researcher for a Hearst specials publication about Harry Styles. GVO connected with agencies and photographers worldwide to find the kind of cover image they were looking for. We provided 10Ten with a robust database of contacts, asset availability, lightboxes, and all the information they needed to license a cover. After this project, 10Ten reached out again for similar photo research for a special publication on The Rolling Stones. With such a long career, there were so many more sources for imagery; agencies, photographers, archives. They weren't shot together as a group as much as one would've expected. It was really amazing to be able to connect with legendary photographers who have captured some of the most iconic band photography for decades.

Harry Styles: Photography by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy 

The Rolling Stones: Photography by Gered Mankowitz

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