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Nom Wah Tea Parlor x Adam Lucas

Photo Production & Creative Consulting

Nom Wah Tea Parlor teamed up Adam Lucas (aka Hanksy) for a two-day pop-up in Chinatown called "Neighborhood." Adam designed a capsule collection that includes limited edition Nom Wah branded clothing, totes, and enamel pins. He also painted original large scale works on paper inspired by specific blocks in Chinatown. For the promotion of Neighborhood, GVO worked with Adam to direct the photo shoot of the collection. Adam wanted the photos to feel candid and have them capture the spirit of Nom Wah. We brought on photographer, Kareem Black to shoot. All of the models were friends or fans of Nom Wah or local business owners. Everyone brought their own personal style and personality to the project. We were lucky to have such great access to the restaurant during a busy Sunday dinner.

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